Fort Lauderdale Model Test Shoots

Get your portfolio started or take your current one to the next level with our Fort Lauderdale Model Test Shoot Services are tailored to you your career objectives. Call Us to book @ (954) 376-1420

Test Shoot Services For Un-Signed Models

Whether you are new to the South Florida fashion and modeling scene or an experienced free agent model, Fort Lauderdale Model Test Shoots with me (Chris Berns) is a great way to expand your modeling portfolio. Fort Lauderdale Model Test Shoots are tailored to provide you with professional and effective images to get your portfolio started or take your current one to the next level. I offer in-studio test shoot photography services designed to help you meet your modeling or acting goals and take a lot of pride in coaching less experienced models to look and shoot their very best. All model test shooting takes place in our state-of-the-art Ft. Lauderdale photo studio and although test shoot services are not free, I work very hard to accommodate all models who are serious about advancing their careers. Unsigned model tests start at $50/1 look.

Test Shoot Services For Signed Models

For contracted South Florida based models or models visiting the Miami / Ft. Lauderdale area that are signed with an agency, we invite you to submit your portfolio for review here. If your look is right for a specific test project now or in the future, we will contact you and invite you to our studio for a free test shoot. In the event that we’re not actively test shooting while you’re in the South Florida area, we offer deeply discounted test shoot rates for signed models looking for specific portfolio additions. Please contact me for signed model test pricing or call (954) 376-1420.

Test Shooting Services For Agencies

For Agency Tests please contact me or call (954) 376-1420

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