These are a couple shots from Kenedy’s first photoshoot with Christian Berns. Kennedy will be back in the studio in late October so I’ll be sure to post updates of this high potential fitness model once they become available.  ~ christian


Model Kennedy by Christian Berns


Model Kennedy by Christian Berns


Shooting first time models can be a bit of a “roll of the dice”. Some are over confident while another may have a look of terror in their eyes as the lights come on. It’s kind of rare (in my experience) to work with a first time model who fits the part perfectly without any prior experience in front of the camera. I guess this is what the call a “natural”. I hope you enjoy.

~ Christian



first male model photoshoot. photo by Christian Berns

Daniel by Christian Berns

male model drew by christian berns

The more things change … The more they stay the same. Came across an image of amateur male model Johnny taken by Christian Berns back in 2007.

photo by Christian Berns

drew by Christian Berns


Cover Shot!

fashion magazine cover by Christian Berns

Christian Berns Los Angeles Male Model Casting