Amateur male model Guillermo by Christian Berns

Macys Summer Collection 2016 Runway Fashion Show Photography by Christian Berns

whotel summer fashion show featuring models from the posche model agency in Miami and fashion photography by Christian Berns


Behind The Scenes Video with Model Mark …

Sometimes getting a little stupid is exactly what you need to get the shot. And that’s exactly what Mark and I had to do here. Enjoy!

Some behind the scenes shots from a my studio shoot last night with model Kevin in Ft. Lauderdale. . . 




Some Male Models, especially new comers to the modeling scene, are too quick to write off catalog work in my opinion. Catalog gigs can be a great way for male models to gain experience and build their portfolios. It’s not the most glamorous, and it’s not going to land you any six figure contracts, but your chances of landing a paid gig(s) with a national brand are much higher then you might think. Brands need models of all shapes, sizes, skin tones and styles.  It’s good experience and good exposure for models who are just getting started. 


male catalog models by Christian Berns


I do my best work on the “other side” of the camera, but … that doesn’t stop me from getting in on the action. Special thanks to the cast and crew of Anatomy Party for letting me be a part of their recent holiday photoshoot. I had a blast working with these guys and I’m already looking forward to your next photoshoot this spring. Good Luck Guys!!!   xoxo Christian 

I do most of my work in a studio and use technology to get the shots my clients want, but more and more I find myself killing the lights and letting mother nature play a bigger role in my work. No amount of photoshop or studio lighting can do what she can. This westward pointed shot was taken around 7:15 pm on Saturday October 3, 2015 just after sunset. Special thanks to male model VAR and mother nature for helping me get these killer sunset shots!

Male Model Var by Christian Berns


male model var by christian berns